Trends in Window Design

   With economic uncertainty prompting most of us to look for new ways to save money, some of the latest trends in windows do just that. With a tax credit as added incentive, consumers are demanding high performance, energy efficient windows. Homeowners, especially those with older homes, are making replacing old single glazed windows a priority. Today’s double glazed windows keep heat in in the winter and cool air in in the summer, and unlike traditional wood frames that need lots of upkeep and are prone to rotting, swelling and splitting, double glazed windows are hassle free, durable, stand up to the elements beautifully and don’t need to be primed, painted or stained. They are both attractive and low maintenance. If you’re looking to replace your old windows, Gilkey provides Cincinnati window replacement at great prices.

Trends in Window Design

Another trend in windows is BIG. Whether buying a home or remodeling one, consumers are looking for bigger windows and even skylights. The more light the better and homeowners also want to enjoy the view from their homes as much as possible. Picture windows, French doors and floor to ceiling windows are all in demand.

Another popular feature is built in window treatments. Consumers are turning toward design options such as grills or decorative shades between panels of glass and window hardware that matches fixtures or other items in the room. Windows have become a very important part of home décor. New color pallets and styles for interior finishes are being well received.

The final trend is toward convenience. Consumers want windows that look beautiful with little effort. A particularly in-demand feature are windows that swivel inward to make cleaning the outer glass a breeze.

The future is bright for windows and the coming year should bring even more exciting trends!

Placemats, Holiday Table Linens & Holiday Tabletop Décor Ideas

   Setting a beautiful table is one of the most enjoyable parts of entertaining – it’s so nice to break out the holiday placemats, table runners and good linens to showcase your dinnerware plus it makes each meal seem like a special occasion. There’s still time before the holidays to get organized and make the most of your linens – why not take stock of what you have and see that each piece is cleaned, pressed and ready for use before the holiday crush begins.

Holiday Tabletop Décor Ideas

Pull out all of your linens and look them over for stains, tears or other signs of wear. Some napkins and tablecloths can be pre-treated and washed on a delicate cycle to remove stains and refresh the fabric while others may need to be sent out for dry cleaning. You can also simply have your linens pressed; they do not necessarily need to be cleaned or laundered after every use. If you wash your linens at home there are some tricks you can use – tumble dry tablecloths to remove moisture, shake them out and then lay them on the table – many wrinkles will simply fall away, eliminating the need to iron. Napkins may be dried over a hanger or on a rack; typically they will not need to be ironed if they are left to air dry this way. Never let linens dry fully as this causes wrinkles to set and ensures you will need to iron.

How to Set a Table

It is not a good idea to lay a tablecloth directly on the tabletop because it will not offer enough protection. Many dining rooms tables come with table pads; a vinyl tablecloth is a good alternative if you do not have table pads; has a great selection of table pads and vinyl tablecloths. Lay your good tablecloth atop the pad; you may wish to use a colored tablecloth and then place a lace tablecloth on top; you can also use a table runner down the middle of the table or add individual doilies as a way to frame each place setting.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the ideal opportunities to use holiday table linens and towels (don’t forget seasonal guest towels for the bath or powder room); if you are setting up a kid’s table you can still make it festive by using seasonal plastic dinnerware and a vinyl table cover. Each place setting should have a plate, napkin, knife fork and spoon at a minimum; salad forks should be placed to the left of the dinner fork while dessert forks and spoons are placed parallel to the table edge at the top of the plate.

How to Accessorize Your Bedroom on a Budget

   You spend more time in your bedroom than any other room in your house. Sometimes giving the most important room in your home a fresh, updated look can seem like an expensive and time consuming task. Can you decorate a bedroom on a small budget? You can absolutely accomplish this without breaking the bank. In fact, you might not even have to leave your house to give your room a new look. You can turn any dull looking room into a stylish crib where you will want to spend even more time. Let’s look at a few easy ways to give your room the look you’ve desired without spending all of your hard earned cash in the process.

How to Accessorize Your Bedroom on a Budget

Pillows everywhere!

Pick up a bunch of throw pillows from a local discount store and accessorize your bed. It’s incredibly easy, and just a handful of pillows can make your room feel like a different place. Aspiring Do-It-Yourselfers can even take fabric from old clothes and use it to design your own pillows! The right combination of throw pillows can take even the most normal bed and turn it into a work of art that looks fit for royalty.

Under a new light

Chances are likely that your room has some pretty average looking lamps. You can often fix this without even buying new ones by giving your old paper lampshades a new look that even the non-artistically inclined can do. You can also pick up some embellishments for your lampshades pretty cheap from just about any craft store. Looking for ideas? Try Pinterest – if you can navigate the various boards you are bound to find dozens of ways to give style to just about anything with items that you probably already have in your home!

Pictures and art

Wall art can really add style and personality to your room. You can even paint your own masterpiece with no skill at all. Pick up a stretched canvas and some acrylic paint and then fill in the canvas with a background color of your choice. After that dries, you can get some stencils and use them as a guide to give your room a truly updated look. Yet another option is to simply pick up some paintings or photos and hang them all over your walls. I have an entire wall dedicated to photos I’ve taken on various trips around the world. It works as a great conversation piece and adds a very unique feel to the room. Creating your own art or photos is something anyone can do all the while staying on a tight budget!

Change the drapes!

How you treat your windows can alter the entire appearance of a room. Your drapes and curtains can be spiced up for next to nothing. You can pick up some fancy scarves or even recycle some old sweaters and turn them into beautiful, stylish drapes. Curtains also make a huge difference, but most will shy away from updating them as they are not even remotely cheap when you consider everything that goes into buying them. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune on them if you follow some of these excellent tricks and customize your own.

Updating your mattress

Probably the most important item in any bedroom is the mattress. Updating your old, beat-in mattress for something new and extravagant can be good for your physical health and even update the style of your room. You don’t always have to spend a fortune on a good mattress and keep your eyes open for good mattress sales. You spend a third of your life on a bed, so you might as well make it one you love.

How to achieve a modern countryside feel in your home

Countryside chic is particularly big in the world of interior design right now. Don’t worry, it’s not chicken prints and garish colours, contemporary countryside chic is a mix of traditional warmth and modern minimalism and the good news is that it’s relatively easy to get the look without too much effort.

If you’re aiming for a touch of countryside chic in your home, here are a few tips to help.

1. Wicker, wicker everywhere…
Well maybe not everywhere, but wicker adds a definite level of rural charm to the proceedings. In the kitchen, warmly coloured woven wicker baskets provide a place in which to store everything from kitchen pans and utensils to seasonal veg. They can be placed on surfaces, shelves and in cubby-holes for maximum effect.

2. Introduce a little pattern – but not too much
Unlike the rural stylings of yesteryear in a modern country kitchen you can have too much chintz. Introducing just a little pattern or colour here and there helps to warm up your neutral colours without going overboard. The good news here is that almost any colour looks sublime, from bright cerise gingham fabric to washed-out turquoise hues. Think ribbons, cushions and wall art but remember, a little goes a long way.

3. Invest in quality furniture
If you’re going to spend your money somewhere make sure it’s on your furniture. Chunky quality wooden furniture will always be in style and it’s especially important to invest more in well used items such as your dining table and chairs, which can be easily knocked. You can find a range of quality countryside chic furniture at

A beautiful home in a modern countryside style will never go out of fashion. Plus, by investing in neutrally coloured, quality long-lasting items ensures you are able to update your home with a splash of colour whenever you fancy a change.