Sliding Windows From Total Home

    Home is a place which is not just for dwelling, it is more than that, it offers us the shelter and comfort whenever we need it, a place to keep our belongings and also a peace of mind by isolating us from outside world. People have always looked upon owning a home as their prized possession, in fact people spend most of their earnings in their whole life time just to buy or construct their dream home. Hence, it becomes very important for us to take care of our home very well in order to lead a happy life within it.

When it comes to maintaining and improving a home, it is not just about cleaning the house regularly and decorating it with stuff, it also includes buying and installing the best of products as and when needed for the home and also checking and fixing any issues. A complete home would have enough rooms for our daily routine activities like kitchen for cooking and eating, bedroom to sleep and take rest, hall to place tv’s, meet guests and visitors, living room for conversations and chit chats, a garden to associate ourselves with nature and for decoration, verandah or backyards for casual walks and more spaces as such. In addition to the above are the doors and windows and other fixtures like water tanks, pipes, sewage facilities. As these fixtures are removable and are used regularly, they need to checked, attended and inspected at least once in a while for proper working.

sliding windows

Windows are like eyes to a home, they help the home to be connected to the outside world still letting them feel isolated from it. The windows undergo so much of wear and tear every time people use them to peep out and also it has to withstand the breeze, winds and even storms that occur during rainy seasons. There are many kinds of windows like picture window, casement window, single hung and double hung windows and also the slider windows. Slider windows are the most preferred ones these days, as it has got a smooth mechanical movement so that it has less strain when used.

When it comes to slider windows there are the single slider and double sliders windows. The single slider windows are suitable for rooms where the windows are less used and double sliders are suitable for rooms such as kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms etc. where more ventilation is needed and frequently the windows are operated.

The sliding windows from Total Home can help in getting maximum possible flow of air and sunlight into the room as they can be kept open to the full window area, and it makes it easier for people to clean the exteriors and interior sides of windows and thus maintain it easily. Also, it is made of lead free compound that makes it ideal for home use, and it has got a special composition that makes it resistant to discoloration, thermal resistant and is also a maintenance free one.