Creating Comfort and Luxury: Space Saving Ideas for the Modern Bedroom

   In recent times, the typical design trends and ethos has changed in the UK. Whereas the kitchen was once considered as the heartbeat of the home and the primary design emphasis, the bathroom and bedroom are now of equal importance.

While the importance of the bathroom can be explained by eco-friendly initiatives and the drive to reduce water consumption, however, the emergence of the bedroom as a key design focus is slightly more surprising.

Space Saving Ideas for the Modern Bedroom

Redesigning your Bedroom: Space Saving Tips that Aid Design

In fact, the bedroom is a pivotal room in the modern age. With houses becoming increasingly smaller and a growing number of people now working from home, it is crucial that home-owners are able to create a spacious and inviting bedroom that enables them to unwind at the end of a long, hard day. Consider the following steps towards achieving this: –

Make a Space Saving Bed the Focal Point of your Room

When it comes to redesigning your bedroom, it is crucial that you make your bed the focal point. This is especially true if you are motivated by saving space, as the bed is the single largest item of furniture you are likely to find in the room. Modern product innovation has focused on creating design-led items that offer practical value, which can add stylish elements to your interior without compromising on function. The best bedroom example is provided by ottoman beds, which have in-built storage that sits beneath the mattress. Available through suppliers such as Bedzrus, these products can help to de-clutter while also creating a visually pleasing focal point.

Optimise Wall Space

When optimising or creating the illusion of space, it is important to focus on flooring. It is the amount of floor space at your disposal that makes the biggest difference visually, while maximising this is also central to creating a comfortable and de-cluttered bedroom. To achieve this, you should make the most of the wall space at your disposal, initially by hanging up shelves that run for the length of the room. This will create a huge amount of storage, without impacting too heavily on the aesthetic appeal or functionality of the room.

Invest in Flexible, Multipurpose Furniture

Just as you would invest in an ottoman bed with storage, the same principle can be applied when buying additional furniture for the bedroom. Fittings such as folding chairs, room dividers and in-built storage all add depth and space to your bedroom, offering your flexibility and creating a multipurpose space that can help even the smallest home-owners. The biggest benefit of this is that it reduces the amount of furniture that you are required to buy, saving you money and creating a more luxurious bedroom in the process.