The Motorhome Project: How to incorporate temporary design ideas into a permanent structure

   ‘Bringing the outside in’ is a popular trend in modern design, and one that can incorporate a number of alternative ideas and techniques. While some of these are relatively simple, there are others that demand significant invest and look to create external design elements within a permanent structure.

motorhome Project

Take the popular Motorhome Project, for example, which is the brainchild of Andrew Simpson Architects and is located in the sun-kissed, coastal location of Victoria, Australia. The inspiration for this structure is a classic beach house, which has subsequently been evolved to meld the familiarity of home with adventure of life on the open road.

What can you take from the Motorhome Project: How to incorporate External Design Ideas

With this in mind, what are the key elements that you can take from this project when mirroring a similar philosophy on a smaller budget? Consider the following: –

Understand the importance of Location

Location is crucial when you buy any home, but even more so for those who are looking to implement an overall design theme throughout their property. The Motorhome Project embodies this ethos perfectly, as it is located on the stunning Australian coastline and helps to underline the sense of freedom and vastness. The Port Fairy resort also joins with Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road, and is ideal for properties that feature external design features. You may therefore need to search for rural or coastal locations that provide a viable backdrop for your project.

Optimise space and the use of Natural Light

As anyone who has ever owned a motorhome can testify, it is imperative to optimise the space at your disposal. This must also be incorporated into your design project, as you invest in structural concepts such as an open plan kitchen, a minimalist living area and fluid room layouts. The use of natural wood materials where possible also helps, as this captures greater levels of natural light and creates the subtle illusion of space.

On a final note, consider borrowing ideas from renowned motorhome brands such as Niesmann and Bischoff, who have thrived for more than 30 years and have a reputation for designing luxurious and spacious interiors.

Create a practical and functional Living Space

One of the best features of the Motorhome Project is its integration of functional and temporary design elements within a permanent structure. This can be achieved conceptually without the need to counterpoint ceilings or create the illusion of a membrane structure; however, as fixtures such as modular storage units, multipurpose furniture and energy-efficient LED lighting offer a practical purpose while also contributing to the overall design idea.

Spot lights are particularly effective, as they can be located in unusual locations and controlled to create practical, adventurous and romantic shades of lightening.

How to Decorate your Rental Home

   While we all dream of eventually owning our own home, it is important not to lose sight of the importance of the rental market in the UK. This is especially true in the current climate, where property prices continue to grow at a disproportionate rate to national earnings. While the rental market usually provides a safety net for those who cannot afford to buy, however, this too has seen exponential price growth amid soaring demand and limited supply.

How to Decorate your Rental Home

How to decorate your rental home

In fact, the annual cost of renting is expected to reach a staggering £73,000 by the year 2033. As if this extortionate cost is not enough, renters must also face the prospect of living in a property that they do not own and are unable to remodel as they wish. You need not despair as a tenant; however, as there are small modifications that you can make to turn a simple house into a home. These include: –

Add Wallpapered Panels to your Interior

The majority of modern spaces are painted, but there is no doubt that colourful and textured wallpaper is enjoying a renaissance in the world of interior design. If you want to wallpaper your rental home but are prohibited from doing so in the conventional manner, however, you can invest in stylish, plywood panels and apply your chosen material to these. They can then be leant or secured temporarily to the wall, enabling you to implement a preferred colour scheme without compromising your security deposit.

Infuse your personality into Furniture and wall space

On a similar note, it is also important to infuse your own personality into the interior without creating a sense of permanence. You can achieve this through the furniture that you buy and by optimising the wall space at your disposal, as even the most stringent of landlords will allow you to hang pictures on the wall! In terms of furniture, try to adopt an eclectic approach where possible and use a stencil to personalise individual items.

You can also take the same approach to wall space, as you use canvases to create your own expressive artwork and personalise the interior.

Invest in Modular Storage

Storage is crucial in any home, especially with new-build properties increasingly compact in their design. From a rental perspective, modular storage options provide a wonderful solution, as they can be purchased to fit any shape or size of room and can easily be removed without causing any structural damage. These units also come in a range of alternative designs, so you can choose an option that provides functionality while also reflecting your ethos.