3 Significant Living Room Trends for 2016

We are now fully into 2016, with swathes of sunshine and warmer weather encouraging us to open our minds to the wonder of spring.

The changing of the seasons brings shift in design ethos, however, as new trends emerge and dictate the actions of home-owners nationwide. While these prevailing trends may seem irrelevant in some instances, they take on a whole new dimension in larger and more popular spaces such as the living room.

3 Significant Living Room Trends for 2016

3 Popular Design Trends for the Living Room in 2016

With this in mind, it is well worth studying these trends and modernising your living room for the spring and summer of 2016. This is particularly important if you intend to sell, as you will need to present your property in a way that appeals to potential buyers.

Here are three core trends to consider: –

The rise of Multiple Textures

The age minimalist design and simplicity are fast disappearing, with modern trends driving a more complex and ambitious approach. This has seen the emergence of multiple textures, which can be built on-top of one another to create unique designs and an eclectic feel in your home. This philosophy is particularly effective when it includes an assortment of fabrics, woods, wicker and skins, creating variable sensations, a blur of colours and a genuine talking point in your home.

Focal Point floors for the modern age

The idea of having a focal point in the home or each individual room is nothing new, but historically this has revolved around a large screen television or a dominant piece of artwork.

We are now entering the age of focal point flooring, which has emerged as a result of key design innovations, complex pattern development and the use of increasingly bold colours. This is enabling floors to take centre stage in a growing number of homes nationwide, while also establishing a contemporary design template that inspires furniture, fixture and décor decisions going forward.

Dramatic Décor and Statement pieces

Throughout the noughties, interior design was characterised by the use of neutral tones and innocuous colours such as white, cream and magnolia. This trend is now old news, however, with bold and dramatic shades such a terracotta and deep orange becoming increasingly popular over the last few years. Intense, brooding colours such as midnight blue are also gaining in credibility, so this is something to look for going forward.

In many ways, this is part of a wider trend for creating dramatic home interiors, with statement pieces also increasingly commonplace. A grandiose fireplace provides a relevant case in point, while traditionally designed chandeliers are also reappearing in homes across the country.