Add a personal touch to your walls

    We have been trying for ages to have a baby and the other mouth we found out that my wife was pregnant, a couple of months later we knew we were having a baby girl. We was so happy with the good news that are baby was healthy and now we had to covert our home office into a new room for our new baby girl. Both of us wanted to know the sex of the baby so we could prepare decorating the new room and all the things we needed to buy for the decor, we both sat down and started to come up with some ideas on room themes and colours.

The colour we chose was the first thing we could decide on which was of course pink and cream, we also wanted to make the room personal to our new baby and add a personal touch to it. after countless amount of girl names from our friends and family we decided on Mary after my wife’s mums name, we was thinking how we could add this to the newly decorated room.  We contacted a couple of interior designers to get some advice on the matter and after two phone calls one of the interior designers told us about wall stickers.

wall sticker

we could get them from the internet and personalize the wall stickers to whatever we was thinking of which was perfect, a quick search on the internet and we found cut it out wall stickers who sell wall stickers. We had to contact them directly to ask them for some guidance and the process was so easy, we could choose which colour and what design we required. Soon after we had an idea of making a wall sticker of our new babies name Mary in pink with a few butterflies around the name. We asked for this design and next week we had the wall sticker up on our wall.

Half of the room was painted in cream and the wall sticker was placed on this side of the wall above the new crib. Decoration the room was hard work but what an improvement; Mary was going to love her new room decor. The months when by so fast i couldn’t believe our new baby was finally born, we could feel she loved her newly decorated room and very time she looks at the wall sticker with her name on she smiles.