Choosing Door Design for Your Home

   The choice of materials that doors are made of has dramatically changed during history. In ancient Egypt – doors were made of wood. During the medieval era in Europe, mainly metals like copper and bronze were used. Nowadays, the selection of materials and possible designs is wider than ever before.


Decorations and intricate details were often thought of as complements to house doors, highlighting influence, power and position. Today, doors are made to suit taste and style, with a variety of designs that complicate the householders’ choice during the selection process.

A door was originally meant to provide protection to those living inside a house. The concept still remains the same, although nowadays the doors’ security level also depends heavily on the locks that are installed inside them. To find out more about different types of locks, it’s better to consult with a  residential locksmith, or go to a local locks store and ask the people who work there for recommendations.

In this article, you will find information about different door designs and mechanisms. The following guide is an introduction to the world of doors, for those who are searching for a new door to purchase.

Door Designs- From Single Leaf (basic) to French (luxury) Doors

  • Single Leaf Doors – This is the most basic door design, usually made of wood. It has a single panel that covers the doorway and that’s why the design is called so.
  • Sliding Glass Doors – Sliding doors (also known as patio doors) slide open, to reveal the space behind them. When installing this type of door, you can fit it with a removable metal screen for added security.doors
  • French Doors – These doors normally open outwards. They are generally used as architectural elements and can be used to illuminate a dark room or entryway, because their design usually has glass parts. A popular variation of a French door is the louvered, featuring movable slats that allow air flow into the room, without compromising privacy.
  • Dutch Doors – The Dutch door (also known as half door) design stands out, due to its horizontal division. Originally, they were used in barns and farms, as a passage to feed animals. The top of the barn was opened and the bottom half remained closed, while the animals were eating. Later, these doors started to be used also in houses and business establishments, such as bars.
  • Wicket Doors – Wickets are often used in hangars and cathedrals. These are small-sized doors. It’s possible to let people inside, without fully opening the wicket door.

hinged doors

Door Mechanisms: Automatic and Hinged doors

The mechanism involved in the opening and closing processes is surely not less important than the design. Some of the major and most popular mechanisms for residential use include sliding, automatic and hinged doors. Hinged doors are attached to one side, to allow easy opening and closing. French and most wooden doors are hinged.

Another mechanism that works well for homeowners is the sliding door, which can slide along the track. These doors are usually made of glass and used as a secondary door inside the house, such as the entry point for the living room and patio. Automatic and rotating doors exist as well. They are mainly used in commercial facilities, such as shopping malls.

When there is a need to choose a door, it’s important to do a market research and make sure that you choose one that can satisfy your needs and fits your budget. While it may seem like a tiresome job, it’s better to make the effort and install a durable and secure door. The effort will pay off in the long run!