How to Increase Your Home’s Value in Weeks

    How much is your home worth?  The answer depends on when you ask the question.  You could greatly enhance the price given a few weeks with a number of home-improvement insights in tow.

Appraisers consider the neighborhood, taxes, and other elements when fixing a price, things usually out of an owner’s complete control.  However, a number of  do-it-yourself improvements influence the price of a home.

What can you do inexpensively and rather quickly, raising the price of your home?

How to Increase Your Home’s Value in Weeks

Deep Cleaning

We brush our teeth daily, a few times a day.  However, every six months or so, we visit the dentist for a deeper cleaning.  We make a habit of it.  Have you made a habit of giving your interior and exterior a deep cleaning?  Have you considered the difference in appearance?  Consider a smile a few shades whiter; you can do the same with the appearance of your inner and outer home.


– Waxing the floors

– Painting the home’s exterior

– Power-washing the sidewalk, driveway, panels, stucco, etc.

– Landscaping the exterior, freeing land of collected debris

Giving your home a deeper clean than regularly scheduled immediately improves the appearance, making a bigger and better impression on appraisers and onlookers.

Change the Details

Survey a given room; what do you see?  You may notice wall color, paintings, light fixtures, window adornments, etc.  Now, take a closer look, minding the details.  What don’t you see?  Better frames around light switches?  Borders around the top and bottom of the walls?

Pay attention to the details of each room, augmenting your home from the inside out.  Consider ordering entrees at upscale restaurants; yes, the quality of food is usually superior, but there’s a stark difference in presentation.  People pay extra money for details and excellence of presentation.  Impress your appraisers by giving better attention to detail throughout each room.

Invite Energy Audits

How much money does your house cost to heat and cool?  The associated costs of bills factors into a home’s value.  For example, investing in a better heating and cooling unit costs initially, yet ongoing, one saves money each month via better insulation and overall performance.

Invite your energy company in your home for an audit, directing your attention toward possible improvements and eventual savings.

Cater to the Kitchen

The kitchen is a hotspot for appraisers; families spend hours in their kitchen; relying on it for food storage and preparation.  Consider investing funds into new appliances and renovating dated kitchen cabinets and counter tops.

Ask an appraiser about suggestions in augmenting your kitchen, getting a better idea of your return on investment.  While spending $5,ooo and a few Saturday afternoons is an investment, one could enhance the price of their home by $15,000 or more.

Unclog the Basement

Every household has a storage center, the place things go to rest, sometimes never to be seen again.  After some time, the buildup grows, and we turn away from the notion of taking that space back.  But, unclogging the basement, the attic, or storage space in the backyard is a part of your home and does influence the overall value.

Have a garage sale, rewarding yourself for finally freeing your home of the mess.  Unearth long-lost items that can serve a purpose to someone else, presenting you with more dollars in your pocket.

Christina Wells spent years as a real estate agent, finding ways to improve the look of a home from the inside and outside. She enjoys writing about home insurance and interior implementations.