Remodelling your Home for sale: What Type of Fireplace should you install in a Family Home?

   Since the great recession of 2007, the global property market has struggled to achieve the type of consistent growth that preceded the financial crash. This has finally begun to change in the last 18 months, however, as the global economy has stabilised and triggered a rise in the demand for housing.

The supply of available homes has not risen at the same rate, however, creating a sellers’ market that can drive significant returns for property owners. I chose to sell my house fast recently, although one of the main issues I found was that the property was not particularly attractive to the primary buyer demographic.

Remodelling your Home for sale

What Type of Fireplace should you install in a Family Home?

More specifically, my relatively spacious, three-bedroom home was being targeted by families. While there was a huge amount of initial interest among this demographic, many were put off by the fact that the property lacked a number of child-friendly features and would therefore require additional modification. I decided to tackle this issue, with my first decision being to replace the wood burning fire in my living room. The primary reason for this was the fact was that while this fireplace at a lockable door, the natural flames were difficult to control and could prove a serious hazard to infants if they gained access.

My initial reaction was to install an electric fireplace, as this type of fitting uses synthetic heat rather than large, open flames. In this respect they pose no danger to children and would seem to offer the best option for safety-conscious parents. I was advised that this would be a mistake, however, as the majority of parents like to teach their children to be wary of flames from an early age. The way that they achieve this is to include fireplaces that offer open flames that can be easily controlled, by gradually assuaging the child’s natural instinct to touch.

The Final Word

Ultimately, I decided that the ideal move would be to install a gas fireplace. This provides low-intensity flames that are easy to moderate and control, meaning that they be switched on without posing any genuine threat to a child. They still provide an effective visual representation of flames and generate heat, however, meaning that parents can teach and educate their children in a controlled environment. Along with a handful of additional modifications, this ultimately enabled me to sell my home quickly and for an excellent profit.